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Laguiole liner lock ebony wood + leather sheath

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Closed lenght : 9.5 cm
Open lenght : 17.8 cm
12C27 stainless steel blade

Handle: ebony wood
Hardness after cryogenic heat treatment. Liner-lock & blade 2.50 mm thick. Satisfying sound when opened & closed.
The knife is delivered in black cardboard presentation box with certificate of origin and lifetime guarantee.

Handcrafted in Thiers-France


A black sheath shaped in finest quality leather.
Finest quality leather with saddle stitch.
Laguiole bee imprint on the flap
Belt loop for vertical wear

Delivered with certificate of origin and lifetime warranty

Ebony is a wood from tropical regions of Africa. Its colour ranges from dark brown to black, and sometimes it has a marble effect or a completely solid colour.

Ebony is a fine-grained fatwood. It is used for knife handles because it has a good resistance to humidity. It is a particularly reliable material for Laguiole handles because it also resists mould meaning that it is practically rot-proof.

When was ebony first used?
The use of this hardwood for ornamental purposes dates back to ancient Egypt where carved ebony can be found in royal tombs. At the end of the 16th century, ebony was highly sought-after for the production of delicate cupboards with bas-relief sculptures depicting religious or traditional scenes.

What is ebony used for in modern times?
In the modern age, ebony was used for small decorative objects. Some of the most common examples of this were crosses and religious apparel, musical instruments, such as piano keys and guitar fret boards, plectrums, chess pieces and, of course, knife handles!

How to care for ebony?
Simply wipe it with a damp cloth to clean. Never place a knife with a wooden handle in a dishwasher.