Manufacturing Video

Our knives are made in the town of Thiers, in the Auvergne region. The cutlery tradition of Le Thiers is a guarantee of high-quality steel. Altough the knife manufacturing process has evolved with time, Laguiole knives remain handcrafted knives handcrafted knives. Our knives are adjusted by hand according to ancestral methods. They have a lifetime warranty
manufacturing workshop in Thiers

The making of a Laguiole knife, step by step

Discover in this video ‘Making and assembling an Actiforge Laguiole knife’ all the manufacturing steps involved in the making of a knife.

The example shown is that of the making of a horn-handled knife. You will see, step by step, the assembling process of a Laguiole. From the cutting of the horn until the final polish, you will see how cutlery-makers work and assemble everyday knives with a perfect finish and a renowned solidity.

Our knives are made in Thiers, in Auvergne. Thier’s cutlery-making tradition dates back to the 15th century, thanks to the purity of the Massif Central water which made it possible to get a steel tempering of exceptional quality.

Knives making has modernized, of course, but Laguiole knives are still made by craftsmen today. In this video you’ll see that our knives are adjusted by hand following ancient methods. They come with a lifetime warranty.

This video takes you step by step through the different production phases of a Laguiole knife: from cutting the horn and assembling the parts through to the final polishing. Enjoy this little discovery tour of our workshops and our master cutlers!

Why are our Laguiole knives hand-made in Thiers ? Customised hand-crafted knives

You will learn why Thiers has been the capital of cutlery for 6 centuries. The times when grinders would lie down on the job with their dogs nestled at their feet is now over, but the tradition of excellence still remains in Thiers. You will also discover why most French Laguiole knives are made here in Thiers in the Auvergne region.